Simon Whetham: ChannellingAV
› Tue 27/9/2022 20:00

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Simon Whetham: ChannellingAV

Nová zvuková performance respektovaného britského hudebníka ve specifickém prostředí Galerie města Pardubic slibuje silný akustický zážitek.

The recordings feature phenomena that occur unpredictably and irregularly in everyday life - passing traffic, wind blowing, doors closing - and because of this the movement of the devices is random, variable and autonomous. The project changes and adapts to its environment. Devices are added to the collection or removed, and the sounds of each location change the triggering and movement of the devices each time. The performance and method of presentation evolves and refines with each iteration. ChannellingAV gives the audience two intimate views of the performing devices.

Realized within Electroconnexion 2022, Intermezzo a Offcity 2022 with finacial support of Ministry of Culture CZ a City of Pardubice. ° entrance fee: 80 Kč

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