Habima Fuchs: Equinox
› Wed 15/2/2023 18:00

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Habima Fuchs: Equinox

A screaning of Habima Fuchs art film followed by a discussion with her and Lucie Váchová, curator of the project By the Way.

"The nature of the universe, which holds
the center still and moves all else around it,
begins here as if from its turning-post."
(Dante, Canto 27, 106-117)

A screening of Habima Fuchs evocative art film that captures the world at the symbolic equinox. It is set in Sluňákov near Olomouc and was produced as part of the Home and World programme of the Olomouc Museum of Art – Central European Forum.

Habima Fuchs is a Czech visual artist whose work has long been revising the established mechanisms and traditional existential, philosophical or metaphysical turns that we rely on to understand the world we live in. The symbols and motifs she reflects and materializes in this process come from different cultures and periods, from the framework of Christian iconography and oriental religious contexts. The result is an exceptionally compelling imagery, seductive and subversive, but also deeply self-critical. (Barbora Kundračíková)

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