Janneke van der Putten: Sunrise to Sunrise
› Sat 21/5/2022 04:20

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Janneke van der Putten: Sunrise to Sunrise

Singer, performer and visual artist Janneke van der Putten proposes a 24-hour performance and sensorial-based workshop, with the passage of time as inspiration: starting at sunrise and ending at the sunrise of the following day.

Participants are invited to join collective experiences around a cyclical perception of time, where the relation of the earth to the sun, transition of night to day, and day to night, will be investigated within on-site events. Challenging our conventional modern use of electricity light, ‘Sunrise to Sunrise’ is inspiring a sensorial approach to what the presence and absence of sunlight can bring us. Returning to primordial and ancient ways of celebrating and implicitly recognizing our intrinsic relation to ourselves, our surroundings and the cosmos.

After exploring natural and urban sites in Pardubice, Janneke will compose and choreograph several performances to be realized with the group during the workshop.

We will create a choir and a collective body: discovering sonic possibilities of the human voice, endurance and (night)walking, experiences of contemplation and deep listening, movements of the heartbeat, breath, and body.

Adults of all ages are welcome. No previous experience with singing or performance is needed.

Requested presence is from sunrise (Saturday 21.05 from 5 am) to sunrise (Sunday 22.05 until 6 am), no telephone or internet connection is possible during that time. Participants might be confronted with activities that trigger the unconscious and the limits of personal comfort. Parts of the workshop will consist of questioning the generation of documentation material in drawing, writing, photo-, video- and sound recording, as reflection as well as testimonial of an experience. Documentation material will potentially be used by Janneke for future artwork. In taking part of the workshop participants consent on these terms, and are fully responsible for themselves. The group will spend the night either in the gallery or in an outdoor site. Needed materials to bring as well as details about sleeping location will be communicated in time. As closure of the workshop will be a public event on Sunday 22.05 starting around dawn/civil twilight 4:20 until sunrise 05:01am.

  • For more information contact: Šárka Zahálková, sarka.zahalkova@gmpardubice.cz, +420 732 436 722
  • Max. number of participants: 15 persons

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