February 2024
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4& (Mathieu Chamagne: Apertures, Petr Vrba: trumpet, elektronics)

4& (Mathieu Chamagne: Apertures, Petr Vrba: trumpet, elektronics)
› Tue 12/3/2024 20:00

GAMPA | performance

In between exhibitions, GAMPA becomes, among other things, a refuge for short-term art projects and performances. The creative meeting of two improvisers with two very different approaches to live electronic music is one such temporary intervention. Petr Vrba is a tireless explorer of non-idiomatic improvisation using trumpets, clarinets, synthesizers, DIY electronics or vibrating speakers. Mathieu Chamagne develops interactive devices, explores and questions the meaning and role of the musical space in the interpretation of electronic music, blurring the boundaries between composition, interpretation and improvisation. His interactive installation Apertures, which he will bring with him to Pardubice, is both an object and a non-haptic sound instrument working with gestures. Their approaches, instruments and the gallery space meet in this unique performance.