February 2024
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Mlýnský ostrov | Mill Island | Mølleøy


The multi-layered project implemented with the support of  EEA and Norway Grants contributes to the process of redefining the roles of contemporary art and memory institutions.


Project explores different possibilities of spatio-temporal storytelling in the context of a story of the iconic building of the Automatic Mills in Pardubice, which has undergone a significant transformation from a flour-milling factory to an art centre during the last 10 years. Public voice and the independent art scene have played an important role in the process of this transformation. The aim of the project is to reflect on this role in the process of transformation and to recall and retell the story of the place in another narrative using contemporary artistic language. One of the key outputs of the project will be an exhibition, which will become the initial project of GAMPA gallery in the new premises in the area of the Automatic Mills.

PROJECT PARTNER: Detroit Kunsthalle (NO)

CURATORS: Kjetil Detroit Kristensen (NO), Šárka Zahálková


Reverb, workshift, transformation