Mølleøy workshop (Nord-Jæren / NO)

Memory workshop in Stavanger / September 2022

September 18–24, 2022
One week in Stavanger, Norway, which seemed like three.

Ten art professionals based in the Czech Republic and four based in Norway met up at the nomadic Detroit Kunsthalle, Nord-Jæren to question different issues related to memory work of the many approaches within different contemporary art practices, as well as concepts fot the exhibition project for the new gallery in the Automatic Mills. We then transformed the shared memory into author's riso graphic prints, which became part of a public presentation – a short-term exhibition in the Studio 17.
David Böhm & Jiří Franta (CZ)
Nikola Březinová (CZ)
Ondřej Buddeus (CZ)
Kristina Fingerland (CZ)
Sayed Sattar Hasan (UK/NO) 
Kateřina Jirsová (CZ)
Kjetil Detroit Kristensen (NO)
Alessandro Marchi (IT/NO)
Araiz Mesanza (ES/NO)
Ian Mikyska (CZ)
Tomáš Moravec (CZ)
Marie Sieberová (CZ)
Šárka Zahálková (CZ)

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Supported by EEA and Norway Funds. Thank you!