Revolution need not be just about grand gestures, violent coups, and bloody uprisings. It can also mean long-term (personal or societal) processes and new perspectives that lead to change. Let us conceive of it as a transformation, as a response to the present state of the individual, the community, and the world, or as an opportunity to uncover existing inequalities and eliminate persisting stereotypes.

Our 2021 programme includes an aim to focus on the realisation of projects that will introduce models of operation and possible roles and forms of the gallery institution in today’s society, and this at the personal, local, supra-regional, and international levels. We wish to consciously build on our “soft power” and our capacity to influence the composition of our social environment and cultural identities, transforming the space of the gallery into a laboratory in which its own function and status can be analysed and inverted.

With the year 2021 and its theme of revolution, we also conclude a three-year series that used exhibitions and other activities to consider possible interpretations of the terms resilience (2019) and relativity (2020). The programme of these last two years can thus be seen as a prologue to “revolution”, or, indeed, “revolution” can be considered a symbolic epilogue to the entire series. Revolution is, in our conception, a restart, enacted with respect not only towards the world around us but also to each other.

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