In 2021, GAMPA concluded a three-year cycle that used exhibitions and other projects to consider possible interpretations of the terms resilience (2019), relativity (2020), and revolution (2021). The motto for 2022/2023 is intermezzo.

We can understand the intermezzo as a planned activity or pause intentionally “inserted” into life or work, connected perhaps to a need for rest, the necessity of transformation, change, and escaping established tracks and the everyday; linked to overcoming a feeling of being unfulfilled; to a desire to help, move forward in life, or take part in something new. It is a form that is part of a larger whole but can also operate in itself. As part of a broader whole, the intermezzo often relates to the past – that which has taken place; which has been experienced –, but it also anticipates future working principles.

With the Intermezzo project, GAMPA concludes its tenure in the Baroque spaces of the former granary on what’s known as the Příhrádek (By-Castle) in Pardubice. The next phase will take place in the newly developed spaces in the Automatic Mills complex, which are to be completed in early 2023. We therefore view the season 2022/2023 as a conscious connection from the past to the future; space for time and revision.

 INTERMEZZO (8/4/2022–16/4/2023) 

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