Today, the term ‘resilience’ is often used in the contexts of psychology, sociology, urbanism, politics, and the environment. It expresses the link between adaptability and the capacity to continue development at a qualitatively higher level. What role can art play in this process? On what levels should we be resilient, and how? And what does this mean in practice? The compendium of curatorial projects for the year 2019 responded to these and other questions in the language of art while also partially mediating contexts and ways of looking at this term – from ecology through personal psychology, architecture and urbanism, and sociology, all the way to narrative and speculation.

The first two exhibitions in the cycle arose from a curatorial open call. The artistic board of the gallery selected them from sixteen entries. The projects Plastic Heart by curator Tereza Záchová and Ředění soust (Diluting Mouthfuls) by the collective of Helán, Kerdová, Mikyska, Perglerová, Železný, supported by curator Lenka Dolanová, were then complemented by three further exhibitions: Emptiness, The Talking Fish Cannot Breathe, and Time's Up: SeatoxDetox.

›  PLASTIC HEART (15/2–14/4/2019)  ›  ŘEDĚNÍ SOUST (24/4–30/6/2019)  ›  VOID × REPLETION (17/7–29/9/2019)  ›  THE TALKING FISH CAN NOT BREATHE (9/10–24/11/2019)  ›  TIME'S UP: SEATOXDETOX (4/12/2019–1/3/2020)
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