Our lives are heavily influenced by the constant stream of information. Truth currently appears to be highly relative. We live without faith, but faced with this maelstrom of abstract data and infinite sources, we are often left with no other option but to blindly believe in their veracity. What can we believe, and when? Is it even possible to be objective? What are we to do if a large portion of the information that reaches us cannot be empirically verified?

Matter co-creates time and space – every body in the universe contributes to the curvature of time and space; without it, they wouldn’t exist. Although we have known for over a century that time, space, and matter mutually interpenetrate and morph, we have a tendency to explain the world around us using the horizontal structure of narrative. How misleading is this? How different are the behaviours, customs, and rules established within the operation of various groups, societies, and states? Which social norms do we consider normal – and is normality itself relative?

Through the 2020 exhibition programme, we search for connections, opinions, and positions that are unafraid to step beyond the borders of space, time, and knowledge. We ask how we can get by in a time of post-truth and manipulation in a world where science fiction is becoming our everyday reality – for better or worse. Two of the exhibitions in this cycle arose from the open call for curators. Of the eleven submissions, the artistic board selected the proposals of Marek Hlaváč (Being Dreamed) and Daniela Kramerová (Everything Was Always Better).

›  BEING DREAMED (12/3–5/7/2020) [12/3–11/3/2020 closed due to pandemic] ›  SCREENGAZER AND FIRE IN THE SKY (17/7–20/9/2020) ›   APOKATASTASIS & FUGA PER CANONEM (8/10–10/1/2021 [12/10–2/12 & 18/12–10/1 closed due to pandemic) ›   EVERYTHING WAS ALWAYS BETTER (19/1/2020–7/3/2021)

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