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Screengazer and Fire in the Sky › 17/7–20/9/2020

Screengazer and Fire in the Sky
Screengazer and Fire in the Sky

Center for Audiovisual Studies FAMU: Jozef Čabo, Ester Grohová, Vendula Guhová, Marina Hendrychová, Anežka Horová, Lizaveta Hrydziushka, Tereza Chudáčková, Prokop Jelínek, Nikola Klinger, Alena Kolesnikova, Adrian Kriška, Denisa Langrová, Gabriela Palijová, Petr Pololáník, Anna Radeva, Alex Sihelská, Lucie Ščurková, Marie Anna Šulc, Aleš Zůbek

Curators: Ondřej Vavrečka, Šárka Zahálková


Reality seemed like someone had gone through and deleted part of it. It snaked through situationally familiar places whose context weighed down beyond the event horizon. There used to be horses here. Their silent digestion and the occasional snort or spark of a hoof against the stone floor carried over the arched firmament above. We lived with them in a universe whose echo rung out into infinity. And now, only a moment ago, these calm equestrian heavens went up in flames. We must therefore follow the Screengazer inside. He sits in the cockpit of the present. Directing, broadcasting. Searching for the fire that can burn sound. That apparition in the sky that we are allowed to carry back down to earth.

Telling stories offers us a tool to read reality: present, past, and future. However, there is no condition stating that the narrative must be linear. We are writing a story on the boundary of worlds, times, generations, and existences. The desire to change and shift sets the imagination in motion and entwines events. This is a ritual to save the future.

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