Mill Island

The multi-layered project with which GAMPA enters into a new phase of its existence explores the possibilities of time-space narration in the context of one of the most iconic structures in Pardubice: the Automatic Mills. In the last ten years, the site has gone from an operating mill to a centre for the arts. The participation of the city’s inhabitants and the independent arts scene played an important role in this transformation. The aim of the Mill Island project is to reflect on this role and use the language of contemporary art to commemorate and retell the story of the site through a different narrative. Part of the project, which was supported by EEA/Norwegian funds and by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, is not only the opening exhibition in the new GAMPA, but also international artistic research, the realization of a music album and a live accompanying and educational program.

 MILL ISLAND (29/9/2023–25/2/2024) 

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