March 2023
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Janneke van der Putten: Sunrise to Sunrise

Janneke van der Putten: Sunrise to Sunrise
› Sat 21/5 04:20

GAMPA | public space | performance | workshop | Intermezzo

Singer, performer and visual artist Janneke van der Putten proposes a 24-hour performance and sensorial-based workshop, with the passage of time as inspiration: starting at sunrise and ending at the sunrise of the following day.

Can We Help You? | Marika Smreková

Can We Help You? | Marika Smreková
› Fri 6/5 10:00

GAMPA | public space | residency | Intermezzo

Let us remove our social stickers and create a shared space for people without age restrictions. For parents and their children and people without obligations, seniors and teenagers, for people who work or care for the evening, and those who can go to culture without a time limit. Our program will be about intersections in social gatherings, talking, trying to understand people with different life experiences, babysitting together, creative workshops, cultural activism, or learning about the benefits of social diversity.

Can We Help You? | Nikola Brabcová

Can We Help You? | Nikola Brabcová
› Tue 7/6 17:00

GAMPA | residency | workshop | Intermezzo

Nikola Brabcová invites you to the open artist's studio Water Lily Tea. The Water Lily Tea in GAMPA will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 7pm, June 7–30, 2022. The studio emphasizes the experience and the artistic process. Self-creation becomes therapy and treatment, alleviates anxieties, opens the way to change stereotypes, expands one's own possibilities, harmonizes. Come to see, experiment for a while or visit it more often. Alone, with you children or with friends.

Habima Fuchs: Mirroring of the Still Standing Sun

Habima Fuchs: Mirroring of the Still Standing Sun
› Tue 21/6 16:00

GAMPA | public space | performance | Intermezzo

Meet with Habima Fuchs on the day of the summer solstice near the city by the open fire (see the map). Opportunity to have a rest in nature, but also to symbolically honor the element providing just like the sun light and warmth. The artist will create an improvised "outdoor workshop" designed to monitor and share the process of creating and maintaining the camp fire needed to transform ceramic bowls or shards, the surface of which will gradually change under the influence of heat.

Lukáš Gavlovský: Up the Elbe

Lukáš Gavlovský: Up the Elbe
› Sat 6/8 10:00


Wander along the river. Walking with the stream or heading against it? Flow with time or going backwards?

Lucie Králíková: Pilgrimage Adlergebirge

Lucie Králíková: Pilgrimage Adlergebirge
› Thu 1/9 10:00


The artist Lucie Králíková planned the journey through the Eagle Mountains not only as a journey through the landscape at the border of our country, but at the same time she perceives it as an opportunity to honor places, nature and regions that are seemingly on the fringes of the attention and interest of the general public. The pilgrimage will be a tribute to the "edge" of the country, to people who once had to leave their homes and to those living here outside the big centers. At least for a while and symbolically, they will try to revive the often forgotten and slowly decaying church buildings, to which believers and pilgrims used to go.

Pavel Novotný: To the Machines! (analog-percussive art performance)

Pavel Novotný: To the Machines! (analog-percussive art performance)
› Fri 9/9 17:00

GAMPA | public space | literature | performance | workshop | Intermezzo | Textconnexion

Who will sit at the typewriters? We are looking for participants in the analogue percussion performance of the poet Pavel Novotný, which will take place on Saturday, September 10, in the public spaces of Pardubice. Anyone who is open to new experiences is welcome. No previous poetic, literary, rhythmic or otherwise artistic experience is required.

Simon Whetham: ChannellingAV

Simon Whetham: ChannellingAV
› Tue 27/9 20:00

GAMPA | performance | Intermezzo

Nová zvuková performance respektovaného britského hudebníka ve specifickém prostředí Galerie města Pardubic slibuje silný akustický zážitek.


› Thu 29/9 10:00


Symbolic move of GAMPA gallery from one side of river to the other one. Project lead by the team of architects Final_Final. Let's explore memories and different environments connected with GAMPA's presence, past and futures.

Can We Help You? | Denisa Langrová

Can We Help You? | Denisa Langrová
› Mon 12/9 10:00

GAMPA | Intermezzo

Within the program layer Can We Help you? Denisa Langrová will volunteer in an asylum for abused and abandoned animals. She will assist in the care of animals, while at the same time he will continue to research the activities of various entities striving for an empathic approach to non-human animals and their liberation throughout history. At the end of her stay in Pardubice, Denisa is preparing a moderated discussion on the topic Velká Pardubice – the most demanding horse race in Europe (suffering and big business).

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Українські художники та художниці, лектори та лекторши, ми шукаємо вас!

Українські художники та художниці, лектори та лекторши, ми шукаємо вас!

Вам подобаються діти, не боїтеся з ними грати, піклуватися про них, разом фантазувати? Запрошуємо вас під час літніх канікул (4-8.7.2022 GAMPing для дітей з України, 3-6 років та 1-5.8.2022 GAMPing для дітей з України, 5-14 років) в Пардубіце! Створювати радість, гру та пригоди протягом п’яти робочих днів. Ми також хотіли б вітати вас у чеській мистецькій спільноті та запропонувати посередництво у контактах чи співпраці з чеськими художниками та художницями.