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Válek / Merta / Tarnovski: Metal
› 1. 9. 2023

Debutové album Metal tria Petr Válek / Ondřej Merta / Tarnovski, které se nahrávalo v rámci rezidence v Divadle 29, vyjde 29. září 2023 na londýnském labelu Flaming Pines.

Pre-order CD/DL je tady:  www.flamingpines.bandcamp.com

"Performed on Petr Válek's kinetic sculptures, as well as homemade synthesisers, ball bearings, kitchen utensils and suitcases, Metal crackles with energy, humour and tactility.

Metal on metal, metal and wood, metal and skin, rolling, whirring, tinkling, creaking and rustling. This is an album full of movement, abrasions, vibrations and encounters. There is a certain spontaneity and roughness to the performances captured too. Hands, bodies and surfaces are as much a part of these 13 pieces as the metallic constructions and objects used as instruments.

We hear these objects rolled, dropped, shaken and stretched. Mysterious processes begin, gyrating into perception, before suddenly ending, or clanking out of earshot. These pieces are both playful, and serious, by turns restless and patient. A celebration of not only frictions but fictions, the imagined as well as the material and concrete.

An album which offers us in listening the thrill and vitality of movement and interaction, between Válek, Merta and Tarnovski themselves and the spaces, surfaces, objects and inventions the trio perform with and through."

Válek / Merta / Tarnovski: Metal