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Jasnovidec: Infinite Forms
› 28. 6. 2022

Modulární úderka Jasnovidec právě vydává album Infinite Forms, které u nás vznikalo během loňské rezidence. Poslechnout si ho můžete tady ⇝ www.jasnovidec.bandcamp.com

"While walking through Prague's Nusle, there was once a short talk about our friends recording at Divadlo 29 in Pardubice. We thought that having a larger space with good technical and sound conditions for a while could be a good experience for us as well. In a few days, Jára Tarnovski suddenly offered us a residence. During several years of playing together, we have never had a single rehearsal, just gigs or recording sessions. This approach of cooperation has always been quite a challenge which forces us to keep finding new ways of using the tools we have and, at the same time, deepens our mutual understanding on the human as well as on the sound level.
The intention of the residence was to record several longer drone compositions using modular synthesizers. The quality technical background and hospitality of Divadlo 29 created good conditions for realization of our plans. Infinite forms contain part of the material created during the week we spent at Divadlo 29 in August 2021."

Jasnovidec: Infinite Forms